You can pick out six different palms from the following list:
 windmill palm, pindo, sabal minor, European fan, or a 3 gallon Sabal Birmingham can be substituted for 2 of your choices of the total of 6 gallons
...1 gallon palms to be shipped to your door in the same box for a total of $109, this includes all S&H charges. 
   1 gallon Sabal Birminghams are excluded from this offer, at least for now.. but we'll work with you on all other species.. for example, 

  if you wanted ...     1 Windmill 
                                  2 Sabal Minors
                                  1 European fan palm
                                  1 Pindo
                                  1 Needle

                            then that's cool...

   if you wanted... 1 Windmill
                              2 Sabal Minor
                              1 Pindo
                              2 Needles

                          then that's still cool... 

   if you want... all 6 windmills...whatever floats your boat!

        ....It's a great deal, so mix 'em up as much as your climate will allow for

Please specify your six pack selection in the comment box at time of checkout...

$109 price includes shipping!
$109 price includes shipping!