BOTANICAL NAME:  Sabal x-texensis

COMMON NAME:   Brazoria palm

COUNTRY of ORIGIN:   United States, this palm was first identified in Brazoria County of southern Texas

COLD HARDINESS:   Since this palm is a recently  identified (early 1990's) cross between Sabal minor and Sabal mexicana, we believe that it's cold hardiness will fall somewhere between that of the two parent species, somewhere in the high single digits (F).  S. x-texensis should be fully adaptable to all of zone 8 and south and probably at least zone 7b with some winter protection.  
   Some of you "zone benders" out there may think our cold hardiness assessments are a little too conservative.... but we feel it is better to be conservative than to have a yard full of dead palms, when we do get our next bad winter... and we will.           However, if you are into experimentation, this may prove to be a very hardy palm, we just don't have as much data on it as some of the other species. 

under-planted and under-appreciated
Sabal x -texensis will grow to heights 
of 20 feet tall or so. The longer we grow
these and the older that they become,
the bluer the emerging fronds begin
to look, like this one in the picture 
below on the right.

PS. They are very fast growers for us
here near Rock Hill, SC ..... This palm
was a wee little thing two years prior 
to posing for this picture.
A Sabal X-Texensis sets fruit at a very young age... in this case, still in it's pot
notice the difference in color between the new growth and the old... everyone who sees this palm up close loves it
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7 gallon  -  $ 95
15 gallon  -  $ 150
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this one is actually in a 10 gallon pot, (a size we do not really carry), but it is a good example of the 7 gallon sized plant 
1980's icon for scale
picture coming soon!